Sponsorship & Exhibition

Why get involved?

  • Global media mentioning opportunities – The spotlight will be on us all
  • Exposure to global business networks
  • The G20 Global Impact is 11 Million entrepreneurs in direct networks, 12 million employees and 11 million entrepreneurs in extended delegates and stakeholder networks
  • The G20 Global Reach is 709 million through all media channels globally over the past 12 months, alliance members host events & media conferences with federal, regional & local government members
  • International Partnerships
    • United Nations – UN Development Program & UN Millennium Campaign
    • G8/G20 Research group
    • Ernst & Young
    • Accenture


Delegate profile

700 global young entrepreneurs and leaders are expected to attend G20 YEA Summit 2014. The key delegates groups include:

  • G20 International ambassadors to Australia
  • Young Entrepreneurs from associated networks outside of G20 Countries
  • G20 International Sherpas
  • United Nations
  • International B20, C20, L20, Y20 and T20
  • ICC, ACCI, WTO, World Bank, OECD and APEC


Traditionally the Summit attracts delegates from G20 countries, however the Australian G20 YEA Summit 2014 intends to open attendance to other Young Entrepreneur leaders, including;

  • Third world countries
  • Junior Chamber International global members
  • Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) country representatives
  • CeBit attendees
  • His Royal Highness Prince Charles’s Youth Business International network members
  • Entrepreneurs Organisation Global members


Contact details:

Email sponex@g20yeasummit.com for more information on sponsorship and exhibition sales opportunities

T: +61 (0) 2 9213 4000

F: +61 (0) 2 9213 4099